Свободный Университет
Свободный Университет
Анна Лукина
Аспирант (PhD student), факультет права University of Cambridge,
doctoral project: 'Towards a Jurisprudence of Evil Law'
2015-2018 Бакалавр права (BA in Law (Jurisprudence)), University of Oxford

2018-2019 Магистр права (Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.)), University of Oxford

2019-2020 Магистр права (Master of Laws (LL.M.)), Harvard Law School

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Опыт работы
Январь 2022 – Май 2022 – преподаватель, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

Сентябрь 2020 – Сентябрь 2021 – преподаватель, Российская Академия Народного Хозяйства и Государственной Службы (РАНХиГС)
Профессиональные и научные интересы
Теория государства и права, история права, советское право
Выступления и публичная деятельность

  1. Making Sense of Evil Law, Cambridge Legal Theory Discussion Group (2022)

  2. Angels, Demons, Us: Raz and Aquinas on Law's Necessity, SLS (Society of Legal Scholars) Annual Conference (2021)

  3. Between Exception and Normality: Schmittian Dictatorship and the Soviet Legal Order, 12th Annual London Graduate Conference in the History of Political Thought (2021)

  4. Soviet Legacy of the Russian Conception of Human Rights, ASEEES 51 st Annual Convention, San Francisco (2019)

  5. Communist Theory of Law as a Pandora's Box: Kelsen Revisited, IVR World Congress (2019)

  6. Russia v ECtHR – Resistance or Dialogue: A Comparative Analysis, ICON-S Conference (2018)

  7. Legal Storytelling in the Soviet Court: the Semenchuk Case of 1936, 6th Biennial Applied Legal Storytelling Conference (2017)
Подкаст Ipse Dixit, 'Opening the Pandora's Box: Kelsen and the Communist Theory of Law' (2020)

Подкаст Efficient Secrets, 'Democratic Backsliding: Constitutional Law versus Authoritarian Politics' (2022)
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Основные публикации:

  • (with Shane Finn) Law among Chaos: an Anti-Schmittian Reading of Skyrim, Cultural Legalities of Video Games and Virtual Realities (Dale Mitchell, Ashley Pearson, Timothy D. Peters eds.) (forthcoming)

  • Between Exception and Normality: Schmittian Dictatorship and the Soviet Legal Order, Ratio Juris (forthcoming)

  • Legal Nurturing: the Educational Function of Law in the Soviet Union, Special Issue - The Soviet and Post-Soviet Law: The Failed Transition from Socialist Legality to the Rule of Law State, The Ideology and Politics Journal (2021)

  • Opening the Pandora's Box: Kelsen and the Communist Theory of Law, Jurisprudence (2020)

  • Russia and International Human Rights Law: A View from the Past, in Russian Discourses on International Law: Sociological and Philosophical Phenomenon (P. Sean Morris ed.) (2018)

  • The Semenchuk Case of 1936: Storytelling and Propaganda above the Law in the Soviet Criminal Trial, Review of Central and East European Law (2016)

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